The wind turbine manufactured by NTUA students has been maintained in Kythnos

The small wind turbine manufactured by NTUA students, which has been installed at the demo site of Gaidouromantra on Kythnos island, was maintained during a field visit in September 2023, as part of a maintenance workshop. Along with project partner DAFNI, Smart RUE researchers and undergraduate students forming the NTUA small wind turbine team, have inspected and maintained all parts of the wind turbine. The wooden blades and tail vane were painted, the yaw and tail bearings were greased, and all bolts, nuts, bearings and cables were inspected. In addition, two meteorological sensors were installed on the small wind turbine tower, an anemometer for measuring wind speed and a wind vane for measuring wind direction. The maintenance procedure was based on the locally manufactured small wind turbine maintenance manual developed by the Wind Empowerment association.