The Project

The overarching goal of RE-EMPOWERED is to develop a set of solutions (ecoToolset) for efficient, decarbonised and RES-intensive multi-energy local energy systems. Special focus will be given on exploiting synergies among energy vectors, increasing demand flexibility through customer engagement using digitization that will foster an active energy community via sustainable business plans and investments. The solutions of the toolset will be tailored to the specific needs of four pilot cases in the EU and India but will aim at a wide target group for replication and exploitation in both the developed and developing world.

RE-EMPOWERED objectives are organized in 3 pillars, each one comprising a set of objectives. The first pillar includes 4 Technical Objectives (TO), the second pillar 3 Socio-economic Objectives (SO) and the third pillar 2 Coordination Objectives (CO).


Increased energy efficiency, RES utilization and reliability

Optimal operation, high flexibility and efficiency.

Higher RES penetration and utilization.

Reliable and resilient operation.

Digitalization and ICT deployment.


Fostering sustainable and economic community development

New business models and financing tools.

Community engagement, training and energy community development.

Improved energy access and environment quality.


Exchange, replicability and scalability in EU and India

Knowledge exchange and training between EU and India.

Use case replicability across EU and India.

Technologies & Solutions