CSIR – Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute

Mahatma Gandhi Avenue, Durgapur - 713209, West Bengal, India

CSIR-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-CMERI) is the apex R&D institute for mechanical engineering under the aegis of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India. Being the only national level research institute in this field, CSIR-CMERI’s mandate is to serve industry, carry out research and develop cost effective and value added technologies in mechanical engineering and allied domains. Apart from its thrust area in mechanical engineering, the institute is facilitating innovations and inventions in the area of energy sectors, particularly in the area of Solar PV energy and allied technologies. This institute has coordinated and participated in a number of international and national R&D projects and activities. It has good collaboration with industries and academic institutions in execution of the projects. The institute has delivered a good number of technologies and products to industries and societies.


Under RE-EMPOWERED project, CSIR-CMERI will lead in development of ecoTools and solutions such as eco Demand Response (DR), ecoMonitor system and also in design, analysis and evaluation of wind resistant structures for solar PV and wind turbine (ecoResilience). Under ecoDR, smart meters with advanced features will be developed and deployed at European and Indian pilot sites. CSIR-CMERI will be involved in field deployment and demonstration of various solutions such as solar powered water purification plant, smart street lighting system, etc in two Indian pilot sites (Ghoramara in Sunderban, West Bengal and Keonjhar in Odisha) CSIR-CMERI will lead in the deployment of solar powered electric boat for eco friendly water transportation and electric three-wheelers for transportation of passengers and goods (an activity under ecoVehicle tool).

Relevant projects

  • EDMISSIBLE: Within the EDMISSIBLE project (Engineering of Disaster Mitigation and Health Monitoring for Safe and Smart Built Environment) (CMERI is partner) technologies have been developed for intelligent building systems, including Smart Pluggable Energy Monitoring and Smart phone enabled prepaid energy meter with programmable load limiter. EDMISSIBLE provided technological tools for energy consumers to monitor and limit their energy usage thus reducing wastage of energy.
  • Solar Biodiesel Minigrid Project at CSIR-CMERI Ludhiana Extension Centre (CSIR Institute Funded project): In this project, a hybrid minigrid of capacity 50 kW microgrid that operates through optimal integration of solar energy and bio-diesel based energy sources is being designed and installed at CSIR-CMERI Ludhiana Extension Centre for supplying power to the staff quarters.