THIRUMALAI NAGAR, Guduvanchery, Tamil Nadu 603202, India

LAB CONCERN (INDIA) is a private company which is developing products for the integration of renewable energy resources with ac/dc grid. Its main expertise is the design, fabrication, and control of power electronic converters for ON/OFF grid applications. It is also experienced on FPGA based power electronic platform for the implementation of various control algorithms. Moreover, Lab Concern fullfils the requirements of educational institutions imparting technical teaching programmes in various disciplines across the country and abroad. We design and develop products in par with the developments in the latest technology in varied fields such as Electrical & Electronics and allied areas. We also have a mission and vision to offer best after sales technical and service support by a well-trained team comprised of qualified engineers. The company has its own R&D wing and employ researchers-engineers experienced in the field. Lab concern has been involved in framing concept, design and development of hardware products in the fields of Power Electronics Drives, converters and various levels of inverters. We have a well-qualified, trained and dedicated work force department in the areas of Production, Installation & Service, Accounts, Sales & Marketing. Moreover, the company is engaged in designing , developing and manufacturing the above mentioned equipment for educational teaching/ training purposes in various fields to fulfill the requirements of the curriculum of all technical Universities and premier institutes such as IIT’s, IITDM’s, NITTR’s, NIT’s and Engineering colleges and Polytechnics across the country and abroad.


Lab concern (India) will be associated with the tool “ecoConverter” where power electronic converters will be developed in the range of 30-50 kW power level. It will be mostly involved in the development of FPGA based digital platform for the implementation of various control algorithms related to microgrid application (Task 4.3). Lab concern (India) will play an important role to elevate laboratory developed prototypes into product level (increase the TRL, Task 9.3) which will be installed in the PILOT locations, Ghoramara and Keonjhar (Task 7.2, Task 7.3).

Relevant projects

  • Delivered a grid connected BLDC system to National Institute of Technology, Mizoram in 2020.
  • Developed power electronics and drives laboratory for Andhra University, Vizag which was completed in 2020.
  • Delivered a microgrid system to NIT-PUDUCHERRY in 2012.