PROTASIS Engineering & Consulting S.A.

I. Apostolopoulou 59B St., 15231 Chalandri, Athens, Greece

PROTASIS Engineering & Consulting S.A. (Greece), headquartered in Athens / Greece, was established in 2002 by experienced engineers in operating the Greek Electricity High Voltage Transmission System of Public Power Corporation (PPC).
Since then, PROTASIS is delivering expert Consulting Services and specialized Systems’ Solutions for the safe, reliable and efficient operation of Electrical Energy Networks and Installations.
Specifically, PROTASIS acts as a Power Systems’ Consultant and as a Systems’ Integrator for Protection, Control, Monitoring (PCM), Substation Automation (SAS) and Smart Metering  (AMI/MDM) Systems on Power Generation and Supply Networks in different business sectors
By combining its expertise in Power Systems’ Consulting with its specialization in Field Engineering & Systems’ Integration, PROTASIS capitalizes on the advantage of the deep knowledge in both disciplines and provides to its Customers technically superior and commercially competitive Services and Solutions.


PROTASIS is the leader of WP2 coordinating all the necessary actions regarding the Foundations and innovation analysis.
PROTASIS will participate in the development of ecoMicrogrid through the design and application of state-of-the-art microgrid control solutions. PROTASIS through the development of ecoEMS will embed advanced algorithms into high performance off-the-shelf equipment, ready to be applied in multi-carrier energy networks. It will participate in the implementation of hardware solutions in the selected pilot sites, cooperating and exchanging technical knowledge with international stakeholders beyond the EU region. Additionally, will provide high-quality consultancy services in the private and public sector in this specific area related to the modernization of network.

Relevant projects

  • ELEMED – ELectrification of the Eastern MEDiterranean area, ELEMED involves three EU member states -Cyprus, Greece and Slovenia forming a strong consortium, comprised by a team of experts, from the marine, engineering and academic sectors. The project prepares the ground for the introduction of cold ironing, electric bunkering and hybrid ships across the Eastern Mediterranean Sea corridor. It aims at studying all technical, regulatory, safety and financial issues related to the shore produced electricity and electric propulsion for vessels in Eastern Mediterranean region.,
  • Installation and turn into operation of a superior Control and Monitoring System for Motor Oil Hellas, that will communicate with the integrated control system, monitor the Energy Storage System, provide the appropriate interface for the system’s operator, keep interchanged Active Power with Utility Grid in a user-defined level and avoid Active Power exporting to utility grid
  • Expansion, Maintenance, Technical and operation support of the MV Telemetering Centre of Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO)
  • Special Support Services for the SCADA-DMS project of the department of islands region (HEDNO). This project concerns the provision of special technical services for the SCADA-DMS system. This system includes the Central System, 26 terminals installed to the islands remotely operated via VPN-ADSL connections and 86 RTU units installed to the MV/HV Substations of Crete and Rhodes, to the local and autonomous power plants and relevant substations.