Astydamantos 49, Athens, Greece

DAFNI – Network of Sustainable Greek Islands is a public interest non-profit organization of the island local and regional authorities in Greece with 56 members, of which 52 island municipalities and 4 regional authorities.
DAFNI Network promotes sustainable development in Greek islands through the delivery of integrated actions in the fields of energy, water, waste and transport, enabling the transition to a circular and sector-coupled local economy boosted by touristic activities.
DAFNI participates in a number of European projects, providing resources for the implementation of actions and projects to its members in the areas of RES, smart grids and energy storage, building and street lighting energy efficiency, electrification, integrated local energy planning, youth employment and circular economy.
Coordinator of the Smart Islands Initiative since 2016, DAFNI also actively participates in initiatives to strengthen local self-government and island communities by pursuing the development of policies tailored to the special challenges and development potential of the islands.


DAFNI will be leading the Communication and Exploitation package. DAFNI will be also coordinating the citizen’s engagement activities in Kythnos island and contributing to deployment and demonstration, business models, impact assessment and replication tasks. Additionally, DAFNI will assist on more technical tasks related to the project’s tools development.

Relevant projects

  • Kythnos Smart island (2019-2022): Kythnos will become a true “living lab” where innovative solutions for the efficient upgrade and smart management of local infrastructures, including energy, water, waste, transport and street lighting will be designed and deployed.
  • WiseGRID (2016-2020): (Horizon EU funding) The project promotes the roll-out of innovative smart grid technologies through pilot applications in 5 sites in 4 different EU countries, one of which is Kythnos island in Greece.
  • Wire-K: NESOI facility funded project conducting study within the “Wind turbine repowering in Kythnos – WiRe-K” action that involves the replacement of an existing wind turbine (WT) with a state-of-the-art 800 kW new one, which will incorporate a “behind-the-meter” lithium-ion battery.
  • INSULAE (2019-2023): (Horizon EU funding) The project aims to reduce the cost of electricity production in the European islands through the deployment of innovative technologies that ensure the transition to a clean, safe and efficient energy model.
  • ISLANDER (2020-2024): (Horizon EU funding) The project focuses on the implementation of a smart energy management solution aggregating distributed energy resources and the development of a roadmap for a complete decarbonisation of the island.
  • SMILE (2017-2021): (Horizon EU funding) The project designs and implements 9 innovative pilot smart grid technologies allowing the increasing penetration of RES into the local power grids in three European insular systems having different characteristics (Madeira – Portugal, Orkney – United Kingdom, Samsø – Denmark).