Technical University of Denmark

Anker Engelunds Vej 1, Kgs. Lyngby, DK 2800

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is an internationally-leading university in the areas of engineering science and technology. DTU is known for its business-oriented approach, its focus on sustainability and its modern and attractive study environment. Furthermore, DTU is dedicated to benefiting society and to cultivating and advancing the natural and technical sciences to serve as a driver for development in the commercial and public sectors.

Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) at DTU Electrical Engineering is highly involved in research regarding production, transmission, distribution and consumption of electricity – with the aim of establishing a more integrated, more market-based and more flexible energy system in Europe. Furthermore, DTU Elektro offers its state-of-the-art testing facilities for the development and advancement where all CEE research and testing facilities are connected with other DTU energy research facilities under the collective brand: PowerLabDK, to approach the smart grid of the future. PowerLabDk is established as a national green lab under the Danish Energy Agency and the facilities contain flexible test laboratories, largescale experimental facilities, and a complete full-scale power distribution system on the island of Bornholm, which also serves as a data source and platform for full-scale and real-life experiments.


DTU will lead WP5 (Digitalization, Interoperability and system integration) and responsible to the development of ecoPlatform (Task 5.2). DTU will also be working with the responsible of other tools to develop the architecture and interfaces of the programme. DTU will also lead the development of multi-energy transactive energy model, restoration strategy, and solar forecasting tool related to task 3.2, task 3.4 and 3.5.