Bornholms Varme A/S

Skansevej 1, 3700 Rønne, Denmark

Bornholms Varme A/S (= BV) is the district heating producer and distributor for app. 6.500 customers on Bornholm. The district heating system has a very high penetration of sustainable energy resources from the island (woodchips and straw), which enables 100% use of locally produced sustainable fuels, in normal operation mode. The heating plant in Østerlars has installed 4 x 0,6 MW electric boilers, which represent the beginning integration of the electrical system and the district heating system.


Bornholms role is to demonstrate how to create synergy and integrate the energy vectors: Electricity, District heating and Biomass – by forecast, balancing, and integration of increasing PV-production and sector-coupling with the district heating system of Østerlars-Østermarie-Gudhjem.

This field tests will demonstrate local services of power control, peak shaving and optimizing use of renewable biomass and solar power, by means of intelligent control capability. Forecast of production from a planned 20MW PV plant by means of meteorological data and measurements of irradiance, will be used for the control of electrical boilers in Østerlars heat plant, for balancing and absorbing the fluctuating electricity production, and store it as heat in the district heating system. The case is replicable in all Islands (and geographical areas) with district heating or other types of large variable power consumption such as cooling, P2X or industry – with or without a power cable to the mainland.

Relevant projects


  • INSULAE (Maximizing the impact of innovative energy approaches in the EU islands): contributes to the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative by providing an Investment Planning Tool (IPT) able to create Actions Plans for the islands to generate their own sustainable, low-cost energy. The project investigates DC-grids with integrated renewable energy sources, batteries, and electric vehicle chargers as well as the role of biomass-based energy generations in a virtual power plant setup. (H2020 EU, 2019 – 2023)
  • BOSS (BOrnholm Smartgrid Secured – by grid connected battery systems): The project will demonstrate the largest grid-connected battery energy storage in Denmark. Batteries could be a key factor to retiring fossil-fueled power plants. (EUDP DK, 2019 – 2022)
  • ACDC (Automomous Controlled Distributed Chargers): The project investigates the technical and economic system benefits from introducing autonomous electric vehicle chargers, that are able to reduce the power consumption for charging when the grid/transformers otherwise will be overloaded. (EUDP DK, 2020 – 2023)


  • Ecogrid 2.0 is unique because we have not only developed a market and the necessary tools for identifying and utilising flexibility from 800 private households and summerhouses. We have demonstrated it with real consumers for three years from the involvement of private consumers, management of flexible consumption, design and implementation of a market on which flexibility is traded, to development and implementation of tools for power system operators, as well as the aggregators, who identify flexible consumption, pool it and manage it in accordance with market demand. The results we have achieved are among the best seen in a demonstration project.