RE-EMPOWERED presented at Clean Energy for EU Islands forum in Pantelleria

DAFNI network, RE-EMPOWERED partner and member of the Clean Energy for EU Islands consortium presented the project during the forum and the “Sector Coupling worskhop held in Pantelleria, an Italian island located between Sicily and Tunisia.

On the first day of the forum, 14th May, during the breakout session,  “The opportunities for grid balancing and stabilisation arising from sector coupling”, Petros Markopoulos, Head of Clean Energy and Sustainable transport focused on the application of district heating in Bonrholm demosite which demonstrates a good practice of coupling of energy and heating & cooling sectors. The session was attended by representatives from EU DSOs, islands and the Greek Regulatory Authority of Energy Waste and Water (RAEWW).

On the 16th May, following the completion of the forum, the “Sector Coupling” workshop was held. Petros Markopoulos, provided an overview of the project (demosites, ecoTools) while he focused on the ecoTools facilitating demand-side managment (DSM) : ecoPlatform, ecoDR, ecoEMS, ecoMicrogrid and ecoCommunity. In particular, the 4 pilot energy systems (Bornholm, Kythnos, Ghoramara, Keonjhar) were presented following the application of the ecotools in each system. The workshop was attended by about 40 representatives from EU islands, universities, energy communities, industry, local and national authorities.