RE-EMPOWERED featured at Green Powered Future Mission (GPFM) of Mission Innovation

Our project is featured on “National Pilots Report” of the “Green Power Future” in the Indian pilots section. The report is a deliverable of the Green Powered Future Mission (GPFM) a public-private partnership with members from countries, private sector companies and international organisations. It aims to demonstrate that by 2030, power systems in different geographies and climates can effectively integrate up to 100% variable renewable energies (VRE), like wind and solar, in their generation mix, and maintain a cost efficient, secure and resilient system.

The report presents 80 ongoing or planned pilot projects in Asia (China, India, Japan, Korea), Brazil, Australia, Canada and Europe (Italy, UK, Austria, Germany, Spain) that are fully aligned with the Mission’s scope and priorities as identified by GPFM members.