RE-EMPOWERED at ERIGRID 2.0 Project Summer School

RE-EMPOWERED projects results were disseminated during the The ERIGrid 2.0 Project Summer School “Advanced operation and control of active distribution networks: 2nd Edition” which was held in Athens from 3rd to 6th of June. In particular the following were presented :

The Gaidouromantra microgrid, Ghoramara microgrid and Keonjhar as part of the lecture “Microgrids as building blocks of smart grids”, performed by Prof. Nikos Hatziargyriou
ecoMicrogrid tool and its implementation in Gaidouromantra microgrid during ”Microgrid primary and secondary control” lecture, given by Athanasios Vassilakis and Dr. Dimitris Lagos
☑ The laboratory testing of ecoMicrogrid during the lecture “Advanced laboratory testing of active distribution networks” delivered by Panos Kotsampopoulos and Alkistis Kontou

The event was attended by 25 participants from 5 EU countries from academia and industry!