European partners knowledge exchange: DTU visits NTUA

Ana Turk and Mirza Nuhic, postdoctoral researchers at Technical University of Denmark, visited Re-EMPOWERED project colleagues at ICCS-NTUA in October. DTU and ICCS-NTUA are participating and contributing to several shared tasks, especially in WP3 and WP5, so the visit was planned in order to discuss and resolve many pending issues and questions.

In the first week of the visit, between 3rd and 7th of October, they met with Nasos Vasilakis, Alexandros Chronis, and Vasilis Mouzas and discussed integration of ecoMicrogrid with ecoPlatform as well as the progress of development of both tools. In the same week, Ana and Mirza also met with George Millionis to discuss implementation of DSM scheme in the ecoEMS tool.

During the second week, between 10th and 14th of October, Dimitris Lagos gave Ana and Mirza a tour of the NTUA lab, and they met with George Sideratos to talk about the implementation and development of forecasting algorithms for all four demo-sites. Later in the same week, Panos Kotsampopoulos gave a presentation of the activities and projects that the group is involved in.

Between 17th and 21st of October, Mirza met with Alexandros Paspatis, Alkistis Kontou, and Iria Saridaki to discuss and present progress of model development for demo-sites, regarding tasks for stability and black-start investigation and analysis. Mirza also met with Ektor Stasinos, PhD student at NTUA, to exchange knowledge regarding the Bornholm demo-site and microgrid resilience strategy against natural disasters. On Thursday 20th of October, Ana gave a presentation on what activities are happening at DTU Power and Energy Systems group of which Ana and Mirza are part of. On the same day, Kostas Michos and Panos organized a dinner in order to relax and socialize after a busy few weeks. They were joined by Alkistis Kontou and Maria Valliou.

It the last week of the visit, on 25th and 26th of October, Ana and Mirza, together with Kostas and Dimitrios, visited the Island of Kythnos and Gaidouramandra microgrid demo-sites. Kostas and Dimitrios gave a tour of the demo-site and explained the infrastructure and the design of the site. They were welcomed and greeted by some of the residents as well. During the visit, Kostas Komninos from DAFNI, gave Ana and Mirza a tour of the Kythnos power system. They visited a site of wind park pioneer project from the 80’s, which had five wind turbines rated at 20kW. They also stopped by the Kythnos diesel generator power plant and some of the newly installed electric chargers.

On Thursday 27th of October, Panos organized a lunch with Nikos Hatziargyriou and Iria, where they talked about the current activities within and outside the project, but also held some discussions about potential future collaborations between the two universities.

Ana and Mirza: “We would like to express our gratitude to the people from NTUA for a wonderful welcome and a very pleasant stay. We are very happy to have met all of you in person and we think that the visit was very fruitful and beneficial for the project on a technical and more professional level, but also on a personal level for all the people involved. Thanks to Kostas, Panos, Dimitrios, Alexandros, Iria, Alkistis, George M. and George S., Maria.”